Throughout our history L&L Paving Co. have been recognized for the Quality that we deliver.  True Quality is something not easily achieved and takes continued dedication to perfect.  It requires a commitment from every level of the organization.

At L&L Paving Co. we deliver Quality not on the finished product but also throughout every step of the process.  From our products and equipment to employing the most qualified personnel in the industry, L&L Paving Co.
consistently achieves an end result that continues to lead the industry.

Lance and Larry Redaelli founded L&L Paving Co. 1992, Efficiency was the key
to success.  Today it remains the key to continued survival and growth.  In the low bid system in which we primarily operate, the ability to do the job efficiently is imperative. Our Efficiency is the result of our qualified professionals working together with the end product always in the forefront of our vision.

L&L Paving Co. understands that our reputation for honesty and Integrity took
many years to build, but can be destroyed within moments.  For nearly seventeen years we have been known and respected for the honest and fair manner in which we conduct our business.  It is a value that we pride ourselves.

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